Quality Policy and Management

Stable quality and continuous improvement, Sunmill guarantees our customers the excellent quality and products. We keep innovating, researching and find the way to enhance the method of construction, so that our products and service can meet the needs of customers and become the industry standard pole.

Customer first is our principle, Sunmill are certified with CE and have the award of ISO-9001 International Quality Management Certification. Each production lines follow the strictly examination and inspection to assure machine quality.

Three Stages of Quality Management

The First Stage

Column Accuracy Inspection

Headstock Accuracy Test

Mechanical Dynamic Leveling Inspection

Perpendicularity Test

Second stage

Spindle Tensile Testing

Spindle Vibration

Spindle Speed Detection

Ejection Stroke Test

Laser & Ballbar

Noise Detection

The Third Stage

3D Mold Accuracy Measurement

NASA 3D Accuracy Measurement

Scraping Craftsmanship

When the machine tool is in the process of assembling, it will be many metal planes that need to be bonded, but there are still irregularities in the plane after machining. Therefore, it is necessary to rely on the skill of the Scraping master to correct errors manually, so that the metal plane can become a "true plane" where the high and low points are evenly distributed. By removing the errors through hand scraping, the stability and durability of the machine produced by Sunmill can be more ensured.